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Your Best Guide on What to Pack for Your Camping or Glamping Weekend



Camping and glamping may be different in several significant ways, but there’s no denying one thing that’s the same between the two activities: the fact that you can enjoy the beauty and sounds of nature as well as breathe in that fresh, invigorating air. Both camping and glamping have earned their share of enthusiasts, and whichever one works best for you, you should still make sure that your next camping or glamping weekend is the best it can be. Knowing what to bring makes a big difference, and there are some things that are undoubtedly more important than most! Here’s your best guide on what to pack for your camping or glamping weekend.

  • The best tent for your needs

Of course, you need a tent – and if you want your camping or glamping weekend to be extra fun and special, then choose the best tent for your needs. Tents are a definite investment, and those that are built to last are your best bet. Look for tents that are waterproof, for one, but go for a tent that can come with an awning to serve as a porch for your damp clothes and boots. If you want something more special and unique, then you can invest in glamping tents that are a lot roomier than standard tents and come with some extra features as well, such as the glamping tents from They’re a lot more comfortable than your usual tent, and these tents are made with the best durability and quality (and luxury) in mind.

  • The necessary camping gear

It really depends whether you are going camping or glamping, but there is some necessary gear you may need as well. A sleeping bag is a necessity, but you can also bring extra bedding and pillows for better sleep. If you want something a lot comfier, an air mattress can be a big deal. Don’t forget chairs and folding tables as well, and your cooking gear such as a cooking stove, pans, a kettle, and pots. A picnic hamper is also a necessity as this is where you can place all your crockery and plates, and a cool bag is a requirement for storing drinks and food. Here’s another thing to make your camping or glamping site look and feel more special: fairy lights which you can string around your tent and grounds – they serve the additional purpose of making it easier to find your tent during the night.

  • The best clothes for your trip

For those going camping or glamping for the first time, deciding which clothes to bring can be a downright challenge. But here’s a tip: choose warm and casual clothing, and make sure they are comfortable, particularly with layers for chilly days and nights.

Winter boots will always be a good idea, even if you go camping or glamping in the summer. Go for waterproof boots made of leather which are soft and furry inside and waterproof outside so you can use them for walking or hiking. If you are expecting rain during your camping or glamping trip, bring a pair of Wellington boots as well. A nice, warm and comfy hat can also be a great idea during the evening while you’re sitting around the bonfire. Have fun!


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