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Why It Pays to Add More Color to Your Life



According to experts, there is a link between colors and our moods, behaviors, and emotions. They say that each color can impact how you feel and your state of mind. But while certain colors can have universal meaning, people can have different reactions to colors.

For instance, some people feel happier when looking at the color yellow. But for others, being surrounded by such a cheerful color can be distracting and agitating in the long run. Using the right colors will help you improve your lifestyle.

The more colors you add to your life, the more vibrant, happier, and possibly healthier you become. Note that adding color to your life sometimes does not necessarily mean that you should stick to literally wearing more colorful clothes or accessories. You can also add color to your life by going out of your old routine and participating in other activities that will bring in more joys and experiences in your daily living.

Here are simple but effective ways you can add more color to your life.

Do Things You Actually Enjoy Doing

When was the last time you took the time to do what you enjoy doing? Sometimes, we feel obliged to keep on working till we drop. But sometimes, you also need to feel like a kid again and engage in activities that you actually love doing.

If letting your creativity run wild is what makes you feel alive the most, then make sure you make time to let yourself indulge in creative activities. You could be into glass staining and missed creating your own designs with different colored glass pieces, copper foil sheets, and resin. Take time to shop for what you need, and don’t hesitate to make time for such projects.

Engaging in activities you love doing will help brighten your mood and make you feel happier. This helps free you of negative thoughts. This can even help you become more productive in other areas of your life.

Be Kind to Others

Sometimes, adding color to your life can come in the form of being kind to other people. When you do something good for other people’s sake, you become their own ray of sunshine. They will feel your warmth and kindness, giving more life to their own dull days.

You don’t necessarily need to give the most expensive gifts just to bring more color to other people’s lives. A simple hello, a sweet hug, even a lending hand are enough to brighten up their day. You become their ray of sunshine while you feel great about being one yourself.

You can consider helping a loved one run some errands, especially those who have a hard time going out during the pandemic. You can choose to tutor a neighbor in a subject they find difficult to handle. Even smiling at a stranger and helping them by opening the door for them is enough to put a smile on their faces.

Stop Thinking That Self-care Is Selfish

Many of us would skip self-care, thinking self-care is selfish. You may have all sorts of chores at home, kids to take care of, and a job to keep. But that only gives you more reasons to take self-care seriously.

If you don’t care for yourself the right way, who else would? It is only when you practice self-care that you can give more to your loved ones. So, starting from now, add color to your life by investing in self-care.

Make time to rest when you need it and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Meditate as often as necessary and make time to do things that relaxes you and makes you happy. Think of yourself as an important person and stop thinking you don’t deserve a bit of pampering every now and then.

Practice Gratefulness and Forgiveness

We live in a materialistic world where we perceive more is always better. But in reality, learning to be grateful and living a minimalist lifestyle is a more satisfying life. You learn to live with gratefulness in your heart, thus allowing yourself to be happy for what you have.

The same goes for practicing forgiveness. When your heart is full of hatred towards other people, you are more likely to suffer than them. It is time to let go and forgive others so you can welcome color back to your life. You don’t necessarily need to forget what they did to you just to find forgiveness.

Let your experiences guide you in making better decisions. Don’t let other people take away your happiness. Be your own ray of sunshine and practice forgiveness for your own sake.

Adding color to your life is not just about literally surrounding yourself with more colors. It can be about welcoming more colors in the form of gratitude, forgiveness, and kindness. It can be about caring more about yourself and engaging in activities that make you happy. The more you welcome color in your life, the better and more satisfying life would be.

I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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