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Why You Should Stop Finding Your Mission In Life



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Admit it: at one point, you also believed wellness blogs and life coaches when they said that everyone has to fulfill a mission in life. Perhaps, you might even still think it’s true. Whatever the case may be, the fact is that most people spend their brief time on earth thinking that they need to look for it. Once we find our grand purpose, we are promised that everything else will fall into place. However, truth be told, it almost never does.

Here are a few reasons why you should stop finding your mission in life:

Waiting for a purpose prevents us from taking action.

When we leave our decisions to fate, we end up with a life of regret and missed chances. It might even prevent us from recognizing opportunities in the face. As we grow, our paths changeand so do we. Being dead set on following your supposed mission in life stops you from being open to the changes that could only make you better. Instead of taking action over your life, you become paralyzed by doubt. Aren’t you interested in discovering what could be?

You cannot be productive if you only focus on the search.

Imagine all of the things you could’ve done if you just delegated your energy wisely. In the midst of your search for that one true calling, it is unavoidable that you might forget your priorities. Your choices define you, after all. So make sure they amount to something.

Instead of asking “what” your mission in life is, try looking for answers to the “whys and hows”.

Why do you want to achieve this particular goal? How will you do it?

Knowing your motivations will help you become more intentional with your actions. This way, you can avoid hyper fixating on a purpose that’s not even there to begin with.

It can lead you to confuse ‘being alive’ with truly ‘living’.

You might not know it yet, but there’s actually a big difference between living and being alive. Lauren Martin has strung the contrasts beautifully in this short read. “Being alive is a gift, truly living is being present,” she states. 

And true enough, when you become overwhelmed by the desire to find your life’s mission, you forget what it really means to live. As the popular saying goes: life happens when you’re busy making other plans. So make sure to be fully present in the moment because these little things ultimately make up your great narrative.

Life is meant to be lived spontaneously. As naturally curious creatures, we humans find thrill in discovering the unknown. Nevertheless, that does not give us an excuse to waste away our days waiting for a revelation. Ultimately, your life is what you make of it. The bigger picture might not be clear now, but what’s important is that you’re building it up for yourself. Just enjoy the journey, and the destination will come.

Remember that you only live once, so be sure to make it count. If you want to be more guided, you might want to learn more about finding motivation during hard times.

I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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