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Writing Tools to Boost Your Writing Productivity



What does it mean by writing productivity?

Everyone needs to write something. They are a student, teacher, content writer, or maybe a business marketer. The content should be comprehensive enough that it would be easily readable by others. So, improving your writing skills enhances the productivity of your writing. You can write more excellently and efficiently. Let’s talk about the other elements required to improve writing productivity.

Importance of plagiarism test from your content:

Detecting plagiarism in your content leads to the solution that you are stealing someone’s idea or information. This action is taken as an academic crime and is considered to be illegal. Suppose you copy something as it is and did not give its original author, this action becomes unlawful, and Google also does not accept this type of content and rejects it. So, it is essential to write plagiarism free content or any assignment. It is suggested to check plagiarism before submitting your work.

How does the Plagiarism checker work?

There are online and free plagiarism detectors that help remove copyright issues from the presentations and assignments. You will be welcome to test almost fifteen hundred words. Often, a plagiarism checker provides the following steps that a user follows:

  • You can drop a whole file that is required to check for plagiarism.
  • You can also insert a URL of the desired website whose data will be tested for copyright issues.
  • The user can also paste the required piece of text then click the button “Check for Plagiarism” to let the process be started.
  • It will tell you the plagiarism result in percentage form and help you get an exact figure about the similarity index your data contains.
  • It can also highlight the areas from your content that are detected as plagiarized.

Suggested tools for plagiarism test:

SearchEngineReports Plagiarism checker:

The plagiarism tool by will assist you to check plagiarism in your writing work and also help you in removing these duplicate content. It is a free and reliable tool in getting the kinds of plagiarized content. It will make you sure about the following mistakes made by you:

  • Quite possible, you missed citing the genuine author while quoting his words in your work.
  • Probably, you got wrong in putting the quotation marks around someone else’s definition or information.
  • You may be presenting directly other’s work or pasting it as it is.
  • The last option is also possible: you are copying your work but in another new article of your own.


The small SEO tool is famous as a plagiarism checker, and it facilitates its users by providing many significant features of its mechanism. Let’s talk about some characteristics of it. It checks the content over billions of web pages. The content is rewritten automatically by this tool to remove plagiarism. It allows multiple formats of the files that users upload. This tool provides the sharing option.


Dupli checker assists its users as a plagiarism checker. It does not ask its customers to pay even a single penny. It serves online. It will welcome you to enter the text in any of the following formats. Formats are like .txt, .tex, .pdf, .rtf, .odt, .docx.

What are the tools that can boost your writing productivity?

Here, we will talk about those tools that will encourage you to write with focus and motivation. Let’s have a look at some of the essential tools that will enhance your writing skills as well as productivity:


The tool mentioned above is a music app that utilizes neuroscience to make the writings more comprehensive and readable. It works on music that connects the working concentration with music.


This tool will enable you to work with a timer. This Pomodoro tool will force you to complete your work within a time set by you, and you will be able to increase the length of the time over the weeks and months.


You get it too hard and challenging to manage the bibliography while writing up the research work. Often, you forget to cite the source or reference you have used in your career. In this trouble, Zotero will help you to cite automatically all online and offline sources you used in your paper. It is a browser extension that tracks the references from your assignment. It becomes like magic for a researcher. It works with GoogleDocs, Word, and OpenOffice.

Typing Software:

It sometimes looks challenging to write in speed. But being a freelancer will allow you to enhance the typing speed that will assist you in boosting your writing productivity. Initially, try to write 100 words per minute. Suppose you get it boring and no more practice by writing stories; you are also welcome to play online video games that will not make you feel dull and enhance your writing speed.


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