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Simple ways to create a perfect looking garden



Perfection is something which most people aspire to, whether your desire is to have a perfect appearance, perfect home or perfect garden, changes and maintenance are required to make something look close enough to perfect as can be. This article will offer some useful hints and tricks on how to make simple changes to your garden, to give it a more ‘perfect’ image.

In with the new out with the old!

Simple and changes and tweaks to a garden, helps to create a more polished and pristine look. If you are looking to make a dramatic difference to the scenery of your garden, but you are also looking for something rather low maintenance, then artificial grass from Grass Warehouse is the way forward! Even though faux grass is primarily named artificial grass, there is nothing artificial about the look of high quality artificial grass. You can even purchase faux grass with imperfections, to give a more natural look.

As well as changing your lawn, you may decide to change or add a patio area to your outdoor space. Patios make great social spaces and they are commonly used as dance floors, when parties get lively. There are different variations of patio material which is available for purchase. The most common patio materials used are concrete, Indian sandstone and granite. Most outdoor home stores sell these variations of materials.

Another significantly important upgrade you can make is to have new fences installed. Whether you don’t have fences erected around your garden or your existing fences are already worn out and beat up, installing new ones will always be a good idea. Not only will you make your outdoor spaces look wonderful, it’ll also keep wildlife and other intruders away from you backyard. You can get in touch with Timber Ridge Fence Company if you’re looking for a quality fence installation service.

It may be un-environmentally friendly to say dispose of old garden furniture, especially wooden furniture. So, if your garden furniture is looking a bit worse for wear, then upcycling may be the way forward. Sometimes weary looking outdoor furniture only needs a touch up or paint or a new cover, so for a little cost you can make pre-loved garden furniture into something which looks brand new.

Add plants and flowers

If you watch events like the Chelsea Flower Show, you will see that many beautiful gardens and landscapes display many variations of eye-catching plants and flowers. You do not have to be as ‘extra’ as the Chelsea Flower Show, but you may take some inspiration from some professionally designed gardens. It is also important ensure the plants you include in your garden, will grow nicely within a British climate, as some tropical plants do not survive our harsh winters. If you are unsure of the type of plants that are suitable for British gardens, then here are some examples of plants that work well: Lavender, Peony, Rambling Rose, Hydrangea, Hollyhocks, Foxglove and Delphinium.

You may also want to add plants to your garden to add some privacy to your outdoor space. Eucalyptus plants and other forms of scrubs flower very well and they grow exceedingly fast, so they offer lots of shelter and they can block a neighbours’ view of your garden.

Add shingle and pebbles

Shingled and pebbled areas garden help to break up sections of your garden. The use of shingle is primarily used for drive ways, as it is low maintenance and weeds do not grow through like that would if your drive way was paved. Black or white shingle seems to be popular in outdoor design, so if you are aiming for a pristine looking garden, this will be a great design feature to add.

Pebbles also provide a similar affect, but they are bigger in size, so they are sometimes used in flower pots and they are used more commonly in landscaping designs. Both shingle and pebble are cheap and easy materials to get a hold of and they make a big difference to the style of any garden.


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