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Cyrus McCormick Quotes on Success



Cyrus McCormick Quotes

The founder of McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, Cyrus is considered the most influential person who revolutionized American agriculture. One of his best inventions is the mechanical reaper/harvesting tool. He was not only successful in revolutionizing agriculture, but his business flourished, and in the process, the American industry was also diversified. For his contributions in the field of agriculture, he was awarded medals and awards.

McCormick quotes about business and life are nothing short of genius. They reflect his excellent gift for business which you will refreshing and challenging.

Cyrus McCormick Quotes

1. “Indomitable perseverance in a business, properly understood, always ensures ultimate success.” – Cyrus McCormick

2. “Trying to do business without advertising is like winking at a pretty girl through a pair of green goggles. You may know what you are doing, but no one else does.” – Cyrus McCormick

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