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Dr. Cletus Georges – Simple Health Tips Most of Us Forget



When it comes to looking after our health the reality is that there are so many very simple steps that we should all look to follow. Unfortunately however, although the steps are simple, many of us fail to follow them. Leading health experts like Dr. Cletus Georges have been discussing the importance of our health recently, following a year when we should all have been paying particular attention to it. Rather than asking people to make wholesale changes in their lives however, health experts are telling us to focus on the small daily routines which make a huge difference to our lives.

These are the basic daily lifestyle choices which we should all be making.

Fruit and Vegetables

Advice changes over the years but there is one thing which has remained the same for a very long time, and that is the importance of making sure that we all eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables each and every day. Fruits and veggies are packed with important vitamins which our bodies need to recuperate and recover. The nutrients which are packed into fruit and veg is essential for our general wellbeing and health.

Thirty Minutes

When it comes to exercise many of us think that we just don’t have it in us to really get moving and start working out each day. The general rule of thumb however is that all you need to do is 30 minutes each and every day. What is considered exercise for these thirty minutes is basically anything that elevates your heart rate. This is essential for maintaining a healthy weight, for encouraging blood flow and circulation and for making sure that we keep our hearts healthy.

Solid Sleep

There are no positives which come from not getting enough sleep and if you wish to be strong and healthy both in body and brain, then 6-8 hours of high quality sleep is essential. When we sleep it gives our body the chance to recover and repair physically. Additionally when we sleep it gives our brains a chance to process information and function to the very best of its ability. Over time poor quality sleep can in fact have long lasting effects which could cause us problems in later life. For these reasons it is critical that we always get enough sleep each night.

Balanced Diet

Fad diets do not work over the long term, they may help us to lose weight in the short term but there are no long term benefits of constantly dieting. What we should be doing however is making sure that we eat a balanced diet. This means that if you do have a blow out from time to time, that there is no great harm in doing so. Make sure that you understand what macronutrients your body needs and how many calories you should be eating, and ensure that you eat a smart daily meal plan which ticks those boxes.

These are the very basics of staying healthy.

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