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Motivated to Ramp Up Your Business, But Not Sure Where to Start? Five Tips For All Retailers



Growing a retail business may seem extremely difficult, especially when there are so many outside influences beyond anyone’s control that can come into play. But adding growth to your retail business does not have to be impossible, and to succeed, you may just need to update your strategy. In today’s climate, it is important for retail stores to find new ways to appeal to customers and make their shopping experience easy and satisfying. Here are some tips to get your retail business on the right track.

Invest in Marketing

Marketing should be a large part of your investment, especially if your business has had no or only a small amount of marketing in the past. Today’s consumers are largely online, so the basis of this is having a great website that draws customers to your business and keeps them coming back. Keep in mind that ease of use is very important; if a customer gets frustrated or overwhelmed by a business’ website, then they are unlikely to come back – and may even spread negative reviews, too. There are many tools that help marketing work for you as well, including SEO optimization, email blasts, and promotions. Exploring possibilities for digital marketing services is important for keeping up with the buying force of today.

Explore Partnerships With Other Businesses

Especially if your business is a small business, partnering with other businesses may be a huge boon. Cross-promoting between businesses that sell related products can be a mutually beneficial partnership for both. This can help increase the reach of advertising, lower overall costs for advertising, and improve your brand equity. However, finding a great company to work with and figuring out how to make that work for your business is going to fall in your hands.

Connect With Your Customers

No matter what the business, customers want to be heard. Open your business up to reviews, both positive and negative, and consider replying to reviews as often as you can. If a customer feels heard by a business where they have had a negative experience, they are more likely to return. Customer reviews also allow you to do a bit of a self-audit. If customers are complaining about the same issue more than once, that is an opportunity for you to review your business practices and perhaps find areas of improvement. Customers also highly appreciate one-on-one experiences, such as personalized emails or having someone in-store who is solely devoted to helping them.

Track Your Money

The nuances of retail business make it easy to lose track of keeping an eye on the day-to-day operations. Knowing where the money in your retail business is going, and tracking every dollar spent, can give you a better view of how your money needs to be controlled. Having a budget, tracking every expenditure, and controlling inventory can help you find money you didn’t know you were missing. Tracking your money also means tracking data for your retail business, which provides the opportunity to focus on metrics that may be lower than they could be.

Draw Attention

Focus on ways to get customer attention outside of direct marketing strategies. For example, setting up a sidewalk sale in front of a storefront always attracts customers. People are naturally curious, and even adding an easy place where people can sign up for an email list for sales and promotions may give you more customers than you had before. Host a booth at a local festival or event, or create your own event and partner with a local organization for fundraising. This does not have to involve money, either. Collecting toys for children or toiletry items to donate to a local women’s shelter, for instance, can also help attract a larger customer base.

Alternatively, another simple and cost-effective way of getting attention to your store is using Mandoe Media’s digital signage. It’s a brilliant way to display daily promotions, loyalty schemes and holiday events.


Retail business has been a changing landscape, and will continue to be as online shopping continues to rise and the economy fluctuates. Growing a retail business, especially a small one, can seem near impossible when there are so many small businesses in operation, but there are many strategies that may help your retail business continue customer growth. Focusing on small things to get to the big picture and always keeping the customer at the top of your list is the name of the game.

I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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