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Party Dresses According To Your Body Shape




May is a month that many grooms prefer to get married as the heat begins to drop, but it still does not feel as cold as in winter. If you are one of those who are in the dilemma of what to wear for that important ceremony that you have scheduled, today I have many options for you, and the best thing is that it depends on the shape of your body buy from “”. It is not enough to choose a beautiful party dress, if it does not suit you, you will not be 100%. Nothing better than enhancing your figure and thus looking spectacular.

Surely you have already heard of the five types of female body (triangular, inverted triangle, rectangular, oval and hourglass), each one has different characteristics, however, not all rectangular girls -for example- are the same, each person has different measures and characteristics, which make us unique. So today we will talk more in detail and so you will have a clearer idea to choose the party dress for guests that best suits you and highlights your attributes. We started!

1. The Triangular Body Type

Also known as “pear” is the classic Latin body. The shoulders are smaller than the hips. So, here we must enhance the upper part to balance it with the lower part. A dress where the detail focuses on this area is the most recommended. If you use one with a sleeve, it is better to choose the one that has ruffles, applications, or other details that attract attention, such as lace, rhinestones, among others. Also an off shoulder neckline will make our shoulders stand out.

Some recommendations:

  • If you have a short neck, avoid very high or round necklines, a “V” neckline is the best option.
  • If your legs are very thick, use an A-cut dress to hide this area.
  • If your arms are thick, a flared off-the-shoulder dress can help you. Remember to define your waist.
  • If you have little bust, a halter neck dress is an excellent option.

2. The Inverted Triangle Body Type

It is the opposite of triangular, here the shoulders are prominent and the hips are narrow. The objective then is to enhance the lower part to create the effect of curves and hips. A simple dress with a dark color in the upper area is safer, it is better to focus attention with details (ruffles, pleats, bobs, pleats, etc.), and lighter colors on the hips.

Some recommendations:

  • The peplum cut is an ally since it will create a curvy silhouette.
  • If you have a prominent bust, always remember to mark your waist so that the lower area does not look too heavy.
  • A good idea is to opt for a short dress where the upper area is tight and flat, and the part of the skirt has a lot of flight.
  • If you are super slim or athletic you can opt for a tight dress. A few folds in the hips area or a belt will suffice to define that area.

3. The Rectangular Body Type

These women have very similar measurements in the shoulders, waist and hips. What we are looking for here is to define the waist and create a silhouette with curves. Then nothing better than belts, pleats and flared and A-line cuts to create them.

Some recommendations:

  • Short and flared dresses will also help us create curves.
  • If you are very thin, avoid dark colors or the classic black, better opt for prints or vibrant colors. Also remember that loose fabrics with drape and movement will help create a rounded silhouette.

4. The Hourglass Body Type

It corresponds to shoulders and hips of very similar measurements, and a small waist. If this is your definition, congratulations because you will have almost everything, we just have to dare to new proposals to look different and look at some details, which we will see below.

Some recommendations:

  • If you want to minimize a large bust, use a V neckline to stylize that area, never a high neck.
  • If you are thin, avoid wearing a loose dress, it is better to mark the waist. For this a mermaid cut dress will be the best.
  • If you are thick, you can wear a dress that is tight on the top and in a slight A-cut in the lower area for a more stylized figure.

5. The Oval Body Type

It is the rounded figure and we seek to enhance the beautiful parts of the body and hide the ones we want to hide. Then a dress with a drop and a “V” neckline will be the best alternative. In addition, the empire cut will help us hide a prominent abdomen. As for colors and prints, a dress in a single color will style you a lot. If you opt for a patterned one, make it have small motifs and dark colors.

Some recommendations:

  • Remember that your dress is neither too tight nor too wide. The best thing is that it is made to measure to highlight your silhouette
  • Use smooth, soft and draped textures.
  • Avoid wearing belts. The empire cut is the best option.

Remember that nothing better than knowing your body type, the colors that suit you and being clear about your style, so that the search for the ideal dress is not a headache, but rather something easy, fast and simple.


I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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