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Styles of wearing women’s belts



Although it may seem like a complement for which you do not need to take into account many things, the reality is that wearing women’s belts has its style and its particular touch in order to give our look a final touch-up.

However, we must be very careful because belts have a lot of varieties and styles. Here are many different types of belts such as metal belts , bow belts ,chain belts ,beaded chain belts ,beaded belts ,handmade belts etc. If you are looking to know how to use women’s belts, we leave you some tips that may interest you.

Where to put your women’s belt

Perhaps in addition to the choice, one of the things that worries you is where to put the belt. These are some tips:

Belt under the chest : if you have a small bust, it is an ideal option for you because it will generate a look where you can combine it, for example, with dresses with a lot of flight or that have a straight cut. It is also a good option to hide those extra kilos that we have because by placing the belt there you will highlight your figure much more.

Belt at the waist : it is the opposite case to the previous one, and you have to be very careful because sometimes it does not stylize the body at all since it is as if you cut it in half.

Belt on the hip: it is the ideal place as a complement, especially for wider belts. It helps, for example, for those women who have a large bust and want to hide it. If you have broad shoulders and a narrow hip, this option will also be very useful for you.

Choice of women’s belt

Within the different options you have to choose:

Thin belt: it is ideal for those women who have a wide hip because it will help to hide it. It has the good that it can be used by all types of bodies, so do not hesitate to always have one in your closet.

Wide belt: it is ideal for women who are very thin and who want to have a good complement with them. That way, your hips will be very well accentuated and you will have the possibility of showing more curves. You can place it at the waist so that there is a change in your figure and a volume effect is generated.



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