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Underground Cellar Offers Expert Advice on Storing Wine



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Most of us will store wine anywhere that is most convenient, and depending on the type of wine that we’re drinking. We all know that white wine and sparkling wine is best stored in the fridge, while red wine should be stored at room temperature, either on a wine rack, in your cupboard, or anywhere else that is convenient. But did you know that how you store your wine can have a massive impact on how it tastes and how long it lasts after you have opened it? In fact, we read an interesting article the other day and learned a few things about wine storing that we never knew. Did you know that bad wine storage could ruin even the best wines in the world? Read on to get the wine storing tips that you need from the experts.

Store at the Correct Temperature

Temperature is perhaps the most important factor to impact the quality of your stored wine from Underground Cellar. Overly warm or cold temperatures are often a sure way to spoil any wine. Around 55 degrees Fahrenheit is typically the ideal temperature for short- or long-term wine storage, but this can vary depending on the type of wine. In most cases, the manufacturer can help you out when it comes to determining the ideal temperature for the type of wine that you’re drinking.

Keep it in the Dark

Whether you are going to be storing the wine for months, weeks, or days, it’s best to keep your wine out of direct light. The UV rays from sunlight can cause damage to the flavors and aromas of the wine, so a wine cellar or a dark cupboard is the best place to choose. In addition, wine should not be stored anywhere that is close to sources of vibration like a stereo system or your washing machine, since this can disturb the sediments in the bottle and disrupt the flavor of the wine.

Store Horizontally

If you are storing wine bottles that are corked, it’s best to store them in a wine rack horizontally. Keeping wine stored on its side will moisten the cork, which is key for successful long-term storage. When a cork dries out in the bottle, this can lead to premature aging of the wine and seepage. While screw top wine bottles don’t need to be stored on their side, it can still be one of the best ways to store any wine bottles to maximize space.

Get a Wine Fridge

If you are storing wine that needs to be kept in the fridge, a wine fridge is always a better choice compared to a regular fridge. Also known as a wine cooler, this is an ideal choice for your home if you don’t have a wine storage space that is consistently at the right temperature, humidity, and light level. Good wine fridges have cooler settings for different types of wine including sparkling wine and champagne, allowing you to make sure that any type of wine you drink is kept fresher for longer.

So, there we have it – expert tips on storing your wine to keep it tasting great for as long as possible.


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