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The Best Motivational Speakers On Youtube



Gone are the days where you have to book tickets for public talks on motivation and productivity. Today, with just a few clicks on Youtube, you can easily listen to the minds of diverse people giving you tips for free! The best motivational speakers, after all, don’t have to have a degree on a motivation course, instead, they are driven by their accumulated knowledge based on experience.

Discover one of the best motivational speakers on Youtube and it’s not just about the number of their subscribers!

Matt D’Avella

You probably know this guy from his countless videos on the life of a minimalist. If not then you’re in for a treat with all his videos! Matt is a filmmaker and his content is mostly focused on productivity systems and nuanced analyses on their efficiency or lack thereof.

He also did eleven 30 day challenge videos where he quit one bad habit after another or adopted a completely new one. Matt documents how stressful and rewarding each challenge can be as raw and honest as possible which is why he’s admired by a lot of viewers.

One of these challenges is about quitting social media. It might sound pretty simple and unoriginal but his take on it is what sets it apart. It is a mindful and raw examination of how we attach our sense of worth with these tools that were in the first place supposed to aid us.

Matt doesn’t make it no secret that he had made terrible decisions when he was still in his early twenties. This is why he has gained a lot of loyal viewers. It’s his endearing honesty that sometimes he does experience failure yet despite that he absorbs the lessons and learns from it.  He is undoubtedly one of the best motivational speakers out there currently on Youtube.

R.C. Waldun

R.C. Waldun’s channel is not just about motivation and productivity. His niche covers more on literature and creative writing. Despite this though his content is still quite accessible to everyone as he ruminates on the philosophies behind his readings. 

Not only that but his heightened self awareness lets him create nuanced takes on productivity. His unpopular opinions and humble analyses makes his content all the more compelling to watch!

His “Multipotentialite” video is very insightful as he explains why we don’t have to be so pressured to have different passions in life.

R.C. Waldun also documents his writing journey as well as videos on overcoming the difficulties in reading. For such a young Youtuber (he’s currently 19 by the time of writing this), he already had surpassed the genius of other people beyond his age.

He is the best motivational speaker for you if you are inclined with literature and bettering yourself through self-awareness!

Rowena Tsai

Rowena is a lifestyle vlogger and her bubbly personality makes her content all the more enjoyable to watch. She does focus though on personal development and applying different ways to manage the stressors in your life.

One of her effective and poignant videos is on energy management. Rowena explains how productivity should not be measured by time but how efficiently you can do a task. This is dictated by energy levels and Rowena gives us a structure where we can monitor it and use to our advantage.

She brands her vlogs as practical self-care and it’s quite true because her content is empathetic and doable. The accessibility present in her videos makes her one of the best motivational speakers on Youtube. She does not only empower but also shares vulnerable discussions along the way.

Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank is another productivity guru that focuses on sharing systems that are scientifically proven in a digestible way. He started uploading videos related to college and then branched out to work-life balance, and motivation in general.

His videos on effective study tips are by far the most viewed on his channel. It’s no surprise though because these are quite effective and easy to understand!

Thomas Frank talks about habit systems and he applies them in his work as well which is why they’re so great to watch! Not only that but he also is updated with various technological tools to boost your productivity


Aileen runs the channel Lavendaire and it is about personal growth and lifestyle designs. Her content is diverse, from journaling, astrology, self-improvement, habits, and inspirational videos. At the heart of it though, her content is focused on giving tips on how to slowly but surely embrace lifestyle changes.

One of her great videos focused on how to stay organized. This may be a typical topic for productivity Youtubers but what sets this video of hers so different is because of her sensitivity.

Another mindful video from her that would be a great addition to your watchlist is her positive morning routine. In this video, affirmation is the top priority. Self talk is the first habit here and Aileen explains how this heightens confidence. And not just confidence but also being gentle with one’s self. After all, everything is a process and what matters the most is taking that first step.

Ali Abdaal

If you’re a med student and want to stay motivated then Ali Abdaal is just the best motivational speaker for you! Ali is a junior doctor in UK’s National Health Service and he documents his life as a doctor but more so on the productivity tips he uses.

He interviews life coaches and has deep dive conversations with other professionals on different topics. Ali, like Thomas Frank is also a tech enthusiast and he never fails to upload videos about the next best productivity app. 

His intensive study tips are also one of his strengths and you could definitely trust him with this! Especially that as a former med student, he had also experience a lot of academic struggles along the way.

Ruby Granger

This girl is eerily just like Hermione Granger especially with her voraciousness in reading. Her productivity systems are personal but she also shares them with her viewers.

She also documents her life at University and how she stays on top of her studies. She is the epitome of Hermione Granger as she really does love to study!

One of her most impactful videos was how she stopped procrastinating. She shares her experiences and reiterates that “your promises to yourself are just as important as external ones.”

There’s no official list of the best motivational speakers in the world and these creators are just a scratch on the surface of all the other amazing undiscovered gems. Here’s also a list of motivational stories you need to read this 2020. 

I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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